Hole in the Wall

project type

residential interior design


home office


350 sq.ft.




kuber shah

design team

aashna shah + ruchir jain + aakriti khanna

In early 2022, we began carving this small, quaint home office in the heart of Bandra in Mumbai. The office was imagined as a single homogenous space, with monotone subtlety on the floor as a harmony of natural textures and perfect imperfection.

The entrance is flanked by tall windows that are adorned by natural greens and allow soft light to fill up the foyer space. One enters the main working area through a large teak wood framed, fluted glass sliding door, allowing diffused light to seep into the space, while maintaining privacy. The main work desk sits as an anomaly in a perfectly symmetrical space, facing the large windows. The table, sculptural in nature, has a cantilevered top resting on a wooden support mushrooming from the floor. Functional aspects such as storage units, printers, etc have been carefully tucked away into niches such that the eye catches the seamlessness between the floor and the wall, creating a sense of continuity and expanse, critical to the imagination of the shell.

We aimed to create a space that draws you to pause, reflect, and resist the maniacal pace of our times.

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